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Foshan TongRun Aluminum Equipment CO.,Ltd is located in the capital of aluminum in China—FoShan city, in the center of the Pearl River Delta, and has closely cooperated with Beijing Capital Iron and Steel Kiln Research Institute and Luoyang Design Institute with a batch of experienced talents and a professional team. Following the development direction of world aluminum industry, actively introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced technologies, develop advanced, economic and suitable aluminum equipments according to the domestic and foreign market demands, and also design and manufacture various non standard products according to client’s special technical requirement.
Since the establishment, Tongrun Aluminum Equipment Company has kept favorable cooperation with such domestic and foreign big aluminum enterprises as Asia Aluminum Group, Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Industry Co.Ltd, Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum Profile Factory, PMI Press Metal, Nanshan Aluminum Group, Conglin Group and Zhongwang Group, and the products are not only sold well at home but also exported to Turkey, Russia, Egypt, AE, Albania, Jordan, Columbia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sudan, Thailand, Malaysia, Tunis, and brought obvious economic benefits for the enterprises, and has earned high reputation from clients. Tongrun has also won client’s confidence with outstanding product quality and complete after service.
Insisting on the principle of client priority and leading technology, Tongrun promises to advance with the times for achieving common development together with the aluminum enterprises.
蓄热式熔铝炉(Melting Furnace with Regenerative Heating)、均质炉(Homogenizing Furnace)、时效炉(Aging Oven)、淬火设备(Quenching Equipment)、喷砂机(Sandblasting Machine)、双牵引机(Double Draught Machine)、立式喷涂(Vertical Spray Coating Line)、单棒热剪炉(Single Long Billets Hot Log Shear Furnace)、立式电泳(Vertical Electrophoresis)、多棒热剪炉(Multiple Billets Hot Shearing Furnace)

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      • Foshan TongRun Aluminum Equipment Co.,Ltd
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      • Single billet hot log shear furnace;Multiple billets hot log shear furnace;Aluminum melting furnace(regenerative/tilting/fixing);Aging oven;Homogenizing furnace;Die oven;Sandblasting machine;Quenching equipment;Static power spraying product line;Vertical spray costing line;Oxidation production;Insulation aluminum production line;Straightening machine;Draught machine;Discharge table
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      • Manager Tan谭经理
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